BKTRONIC is able to go on-site for any kind of work on ABB robots (annual preventive maintenance and troubleshooting)

You’ll find below a quick job description :

Preventive maintenance


Each year, and depending on how many hours the robot has been working, a preventive maintenance should be proceeded.

We have put in place specific procedures for the mechanical and electrical maintenance of robots, that totally fits the manufacturer requirements

  • Mechanical controls : Axis, gearboxes and cable units checkup, brake test, backlash measurement, Oils and greases replacement / Cleaning
  • Electrical controls : Controller complete checkup (Error log, Software version, system parameters, power supply voltages measurement, Fan controls…) Teach Pendant unit checkup, filter replacement and cleaning.

We provide a detailed report after maintenance, and a complete system backup.

If never some parts need to be replaced, we would forward an offer in order to replace them as soon as possible.

Corrective maintenance

In many situation, a defect robot usually quickly leads to production breakdown.

This is why our robotic engineers are able to come on-site with a package of spare parts (electronic, motor, cable unit…); that will lead to a fast diagnostic:  replacement of faulty parts and restart of the production as soon as possible.

Of course, we are able to schedule the replacement of an “end of life” part, during the preventive maintenance (for example, including the preventive replacement of cable unit or motor).